“Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”  - Luke 6:38

As a recipient and steward of God’s bountiful gifts, you have an obligation and opportunity to share and return those gifts, providing support to God’s church and ministries beyond your lifetime.



Each of us wants to know the people and places we love will thrive even after our lifetimes. Fortunately, today you can plan your resources to know this will happen — even after you are gone.

Through your endowed gift you can be confident that your work will continue here at Sharon Presbyterian Church forever. The Sharon Presbyterian Church Endowment is invested in perpetuity and distributes an annual income which is vital to the ministries and missions of Sharon Presbyterian Church.

The Sharon Presbyterian Endowment Fund is made up of the following Subfunds:

  • General Endowment Subfund – accepts unrestricted gifts to assist or support any purpose or goal of Sharon Presbyterian Church as determined by its Session, including, but not limited to, church capital needs, youth ministries, adult ministries, outreach ministries and sabbaticals.
  • Special Gifts Fund – accepts designated gifts for a specific or limited purposes consistent with the expressed will of the donor and not inconsistent with the purpose of any other Subfund.
  • Operating Budget Subfund -  accepts gifts to assist, support or underwrite the regular operating budget of Sharon Presbyterian Church.
  • Parker Family Enrichment Fund – accepts gifts to assist and support activities whose primary purpose is to enhance the spiritual enrichment, growth and renewal of the family structure of  Sharon Presbyterian Church members. Such activities may include, among other things, educational speakers and spiritual programs on topics like marital and parental enrichment, guidance on child raising responsibilities and guidance for dysfunctional families.
  • Barbara S. Ward Memorial Fund – accepts gifts to support and promote the Christian education ministry of Sharon Presbyterian Church.
  • Sharon Presbyterian Church Seminary Fund – accepts gifts to provide for stipends and/or the reimbursement of expenses of Union Presbyterian Seminary students and faculty members who provide education, worship leadership, pastoral care or other programs and services to Sharon Presbyterian Church.


The Sharon Presbyterian Church Endowment is managed by the Gifts and Endowment Committee, which consists of 7 members of the church, including at least 1 elder from the Sharing Committee, all appointed by the Session. Committee members are selected who have special knowledge or experience in one or more of the fields of business management, accounting, law, financial and estate planning, ministry and investments. The committee has regular quarterly meetings, reviews all grant requests and prayerfully considers every request in light of the Endowment’s mission. Depending on the Subfund, investment of Endowment assets is managed either by an independent investment advisor, currently Wells Fargo Advisors, or the Presbyterian Foundation. Quarterly reports are issued to all Endowment donors.

To review a copy of the investment policy statement of the Endowment Fund, click here.


Your annual gift is an important part of how we fund our ministries and missions. Would you like to consider making your annual gift in perpetuity?  Providing an endowed gift is a sensible way to ensure this happens. Most endowed gifts generate approximately 4% to distribute annually, so as a general rule of thumb an endowed gift may be 25 times the amount of your annual income gift to the church. For many this sum may not be immediately available, so one might choose to provide for an endowed gift through their will or trust. Here are sample amounts for an endowed gift based on gift size ($50,000 minimum):

Suggested Endowed Gifts (chart)

For this size annual gift You might establish this size endowed gift













Restrictions: you may wish to provide certain "restrictions" or guidance on how the endowed funds are distributed either by making a gift to a restricted Subfund or by establishing your own named Subfund. Generally, Sharon Presbyterian Church has many varying needs from year-to-year and generation-to-generation, so unrestricted gifts to the General Endowment Subfund provide the greatest flexibility to respond to changing needs. However, if you do wish to include restrictions, please communicate your preferences with us prior to making the endowed gift so that we can ensure the restrictions are feasible and that we can honor them in perpetuity. If you do prefer a specific restriction, we highly recommend that you include language to enable the governing board flexibility in redistributing the income to a relevant area or the most needed areas. Regardless, if yours is a named Subfund, we will certainly honor the continued intent of the Subfund.

Benefits of this Type of Gift to You:

  • Endowment contributions are deductible - depending on the asset given and method chosen to give
  • You can name your own endowed Subfund or contribute to an existing endowment Subfund
  • You will continue to support future generations beyond your lifetime

Next Steps:

Please contact us to discuss an endowed gift. See the contact information below for details.


Senior Pastor Rob Blumer
Phone: (704) 553-0869
Associate Pastor Ron Nelson
Phone: (704) 553-0869
Endowment and Gifts Subcomittee Members:
Jacqueline Boresema
Tim Gilbert

The above gift description is for informational purposes and not intended as legal or tax advice. To ensure that this form of gift is appropriate for your particular circumstances and estate planning, please consult with your professional advisers.

Last Published: May 2, 2018 3:18 PM
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