Kids Sunday Mornings

“Like newborn infants, long for the pure spiritual milk, that by it you may grow up to salvation– if indeed you have tasted that the Lord is good.  1 Peter 2:2-3

Church is a family activity.  Share your values, provide a foundation of understanding, start a family tradition.  


Sunday Worship for children through Pre-K

Children through Kindergarten are welcome in Worship, and get their very own children's sermon in the 10:30 worship service.  After that, they have the opportunity to follow a worship leader out of big-church, so they can continue to enjoy Sunday worship with activities they may enjoy more than remaining still through the rest of the traditional service.

When worship is over, you will find your Wiggling Worshiper down the hall of the Sanctuary in the Heritage Room.

Last Published: August 30, 2016 4:13 PM