Meet the Session

The church is a group of people coming together to build a community of faith, and the Book of Order assigns many of tasks of the church to elected congregational members. 

At Sharon Presbyterian this wealth of responsibility is organized into six committees. Below is an introduction to the leaders for 2016. 

2016 Caring Committee Chair
Bob joined session for a reason many have noted, to connect with more people. Read More
2016 Worshiping Committee Chair
We can thank her participation for a long list of things from hiring Pastor Rob Blumer to picking the 2016 Chair: Jenny Pusser has been on Session five times kitchen’s stove. Read More
2016 Sustaining Committee Chair
Marcy Doak has just taken the step to study in Seminary, across the parking lot. Read More
2016 Teaching Committee Chair
Elizabeth Bashore followed good friend and neighbors the Doak family to Sharon in 2010. Read More
2016 Sharing Committee Chair
Chris Moffat has been a member of Sharon since 1999, when he married Anne. Read More
2016 Serving Committee Chair
Merrill Tibbals joined the church in '95 because she was charmed by the friendliness of the people she met. Read More
At Sharon Presbyterian a wealth of responsibility is organized into six committees, collectively called the Session. Below is a brief description of each, along with announcements and information by the committees. Read More